About Levi

About Levi Salmans

My specialty is homes on acreage - farms, equestrian estates, ranches, land or a place with privacy. Selling homes with land is different than selling subdivision homes. I speak the language of wells, forages, fences, soil, barns, easements, drainage and so on. I have expertise in the unusual challenges of rural properties. I love the outdoors, therefore, I understand the value and beauty of property and the value and function of out buildings. . Over the years I've developed the tools and contacts to excel in this unique niche.

I'm also a huge believer in real estate as an investment. Personally I own rental properties, I've renovated numerous homes and I've flipped a few homes. Most Realtor's sell real estate, but they don't invest in it. I believe real estate is the best wealth creator for the average family. I'm always happy to share my knowledge and experience. By the way, past sales are incorrect. not showing is land sales or large property sales.

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